Thursday, 26 March 2015

getting lost

notes to self:

read more
write more
feel more
listen more
talk less
go to the library more often
listen to classical music, let it take you places
dance with your soul
create more
worry less
cook more
have more thinking sessions
breathe, really breathe more
take more pictures, you'll be happy about it one day
love, even if it means getting hurt
draw, but not to impress
open your eyes wider
work hard
learn more
drink more tea
don't be afraid to be utterly silly and ridiculous
crazy isn't bad
it's okay to be different
it's okay to feel lost
in fact, get lost more
it'll give you more opportunities to find yourself
feeling things intensely isn't bad
being able to live in the moment is a gift
don't hold on so tight
being in control isn't what it's all about
allow Him, only Him, to give you peace
you feel messy when your room is messy
confidence is sexy, arrogance is not
don't share yourself with everyone
it gets easier, I promise
swim with your friends, even when the water is icy cold
sometimes letting go and just doing it gives you the best memories
hug your sister
it's okay to be rough in your flaws
allow the simplest things to make you ridiculously happy

you're alive,
act like it