Wednesday, 6 July 2016

dear wide eyed girl

Dear wide eyed girl,

I know that sometimes compassion can feel like a curse that tears your insides apart,
but you listen to me.

Don't ever stop feeling,
it's what keeps you warm in this cold world we live in.

Sometimes your heart will bleed and it will not stop until you feel like you need a blood transfusion.
And yet,
your eyes refuse to stop looking for the hurt and pain,
for the down and out,
for the battered and broken.

When you feel like you want to rip that beating mass of tissue right out of your chest,
you keep going. You remember that the world is better off solely because you exist in it.

Building walls bring you nowhere, it'll leave you lonely and isolated from those that will pour life back into your weary bones.

You just keep your head up and your heart will follow.
I promise you that this world is not always as cruel as it seems.

Dear wide eyed girl,
just open your eyes
and among the hurt and the ugly
you'll find an equal amount of
good and beauty.


  1. My stunning friend, you have the most beautiful words stored up inside of you and your talent when it comes to writing is insane.
    I love you, and I love this post.