Friday, 24 July 2015

dear girl

Dear girl
that's turning into a woman
and doesn't know if she's doing this whole thing right.

You are not alone.
You're not the only one afraid of speaking up,
not the only one afraid to show what's inside.

In a world like this, it's really very much easier said than done to just be yourself.
In fact, it's terrifying.
In fact, I think it should be considered an act of braveness.

To be yourself, unapologetically, unafraid, unashamed, I think that's really cool.
Not allowing the world to change you is a very hard thing.
But it's also a very, very important thing.

The world needs to know the greatness that is you,
the wind, carrying your breathing,
the moon, familiar with your tilted up face,
the sun, rejoicing in your laughter.

Don't be afraid to show,
don't be afraid to speak,
don't be afraid to stand up,
don't be afraid to grow,
don't afraid to fight for what's right,
don't be afraid to laugh ridiculously loud,
don't be afraid to cry your heart out.

There are so many lovely and exciting things in days that lay ahead of you.

more lazy Saturday mornings,
more sunsets,
laughter shared,
heart to heart's,
falling in love,
finding a lipstick that you adore,
Friday afternoons spent with friends,
new favourite movies and new favourite songs,
quotes that fit your soul,
luxurious silence,
free time,
cups of tea,
sunglasses on a sunny day,
heavy scent of flowers in the air,
listening to the sound of the ocean waves,
ice cream,
iced coffee with your mum in the mall,
autumn leaves,
shopping with your sister,
reading a good book,
baking cookies,
learning something new,
overcoming a fear,
hugs from little brothers,
getting stuff done and being proud of yourself,
new sweaters,
real genuine smiles,
jeans that suit you,
breakfast in bed,
writing a letter,
giving compliments,
receiving compliments,
raw midnight talks,
painting your nails light blue,
learning to love yourself.

Hang on, hang in there.
It's worth it. I promise.


  1. Wow, girl, you outdid yourself there. That was amazing and inspirational <3
    lately i've been kind of down, because my fears are so great and my paths didn't always seem straight. but this lifted my spirits a little, thank you.

    1. Thank you so much <3
      I'm so, so glad, even if I only helped a tiny bit.

  2. Nine, you got me with those words. Imma hang in here, 'cause I know you give good advice.
    Love you. So much. ;)

    -T. x

  3. Ninetta,
    Jy is so amazing. Dankie <3333