Tuesday, 18 August 2015


We're here in Europe. Finally.

The way to our first town (or city), Bruges, was a bumpy ride. Our train from Antwerp to Bruges was cancelled due to someone jumping in front of it on its way to the station.
And the Belgian people that work on the trains and  train stations were unhelpful and rude. In the end we got to our hotel four hours late, hungry and tired. Butttt we're here now.

If you've never been to Bruges, there is only one thing I'd say to you that sums up this town in one sentence:
Bruges is picture perfect. And I mean that literally. It's one of the smallest, most beautiful and photogenic towns in this world. Taking perfect pictures is so easy here, it's almost ridiculous. Here is my proof.


  1. Absolutely stunning and adorable.

  2. amazing, Bruges looks amazing.

    -T. x

  3. So beautiful and so easy to love. I hope the rest of your trip is lovely.


  4. Europe is so beautiful, I love these pictures <3

  5. these pictures are so beautiful woah!
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